Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Them's Some Tars (AKA Tires)

I’m from the South, so I am familiar with hauling stuff in cars and trucks. I’ve been guilty myself of hauling things, like duffle bags tied to the top of a minivan and a queen size box spring tied to the top of a car, to name a few. Nevertheless, I am often amazed at what I see on the road, and sometimes just want to stop people and say, “So what’s the story behind this?” And I’m sure people sometimes think the same about my trips!

In this case, the tires seem a bit too large for the trunk. But then, I totes understand it. Sometimes my "trunk tires" seem a big too big for my pants - but like this car, I seem to make it fit!!
Blessings today include: a quiet day to get things done

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