Friday, May 19, 2017

Chillin' In The World - Because It's Hot Outside!

Late last night Molly and I arrived in Orlando, picked up the rental car, and headed to the Dolphin resort. We managed to find a parking place, Molly got us checked in, and we headed to our room where we quickly unpacked and fell into bed.

This morning we decided to go shop for a bit, eat a bit, and then head back to the Dolphin for some park time. However, when we got to the hotel, all the parking was taken. We pulled around to the front to find out our options, and the parking dude said we could valet park (for an added fee) or go to their sister resort next door, the Swan, and park there for the same price. And so we headed to the Swan. And then hiked back to our hotel. Did I mention it’s 240 degrees down here?

Anyhow, once back in our room, we decided it was time for a cool-down rest period. Once we were sufficiently cooled down and re-hydrated, we went to Hollywood Studios to view the Star Wars fireworks show. It was pretty cool, and since the sun had gone down, it was bearable to watch. After, we didn’t want to wait forever for the boat back to the hotel, so we decided to walk. And sweat some more. Anyhow, soon we were back in our nice cool rooms for a nice cool night’s sleep!

Blessings today include; shopping finds; finding a parking spot and hiking back to the room; chatting with fan at Star Wars fireworks; watching fireworks; Molly's photos with Kylo

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