Thursday, May 11, 2017

Movie Review!

Today Molly and I saw “Guardians of The Galaxy 2.” I saw the first Guardians. And it was kinda confusing, as some of these Marvel films are. And while I wasn’t a huge fan, there was enough that I enjoyed to convince me to watch Guardians 2. So here’s my review.

If you saw Guardians, you know the basic premise. Main Dude is a earth person who ends up with a motley group of co-horts that has to save the Galaxy (hence the name). There’s a big tattooed dude, a green chick, a fox that wears clothes and talks, and a tree. I would try to explain the plot, but I probably couldn’t explain it immediately after I saw it, so why bother. Let’s move on to 2.

The group is still together. The tree, Groot, actually got kinda killed in the first film. I say kinda, because there was enough of Groot to replant and in this film there is a baby Groot. The green girl (I don’t remember all their names, because I was trying to concentrate on the plot) has a blue sister than has very large anger issues with her sister, so they end up in a lot of fights. Main Dude has some emotional issues that are highlighted when he finds his biological father, who is trying to rule the galaxy. Oh, and there is a kinda insect girl with bug antlers that belongs to his dad and then joins the group. The insect girl, that is. Anyhow, the plot is how the group defeats the dad. There are a lot of ins and outs and fights and space and explanations. But it’s much too much to explain here, so just go see the movie. Especially if you’ve seen the first one.

So, did I like it? Sure, it was interesting, and fun, and entertaining. And it’s part of the Marvel thing, so it had some connections to the Avengers and Thor and stuff, not that I fully understand it all. No matter, I’m sure they’re planning on a Galaxy 3, and I’ll probably go see it too. And not understand it either!
Blessings today include: movie watching and snacks; lazy day at Disneyland

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