Thursday, May 18, 2017

A Busy Day!

Today I am flying to Orlando for because the new area of Animal Kingdom, Pandora, is having a sneak preview for annual passholders. Southwest offered some cheap flights, so the weekend seemed like a no-brainer. Molly and I are taking the late flight and we’ll spend the weekend at Disney World – with no races! Whatever shall we do?

But before I head for the airport, Steve, Maribeth, Lindley, and I went to Everley’s preschool for her end of the year music program. Since Everley will leave this preschool at the end of May and spend the summer at various camps at her new school for the fall, this will be the last few days that she will spend with these friends.

At the program, the children sang several songs, some of which were performed with crowd participation. At the end, the children and their parents/grandparents/siblings did a friends dance – I decided to opt out, but Maribeth and Steve joined in.

Once the program was over, it was time to load up and head for the airport. Orlando, here I (and Molly) come!

Blessings today include: going to Everley's program; getting things together before the airport; safe smooth flight to Orlando; checking into the hotel and going to bed

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