Saturday, May 27, 2017

Protective Measures

Danger Baby, aka Emmatha, loves to climb on things. As in inappropriate things. One thing she especially likes is to climb up the stairs in our house. Now, these stairs were built in the 1950s, which means they are not code-compliant with today’s building standards. Mainly, they are small and steep. In other words, a beckoning Mecca for Emmatha. Which means the stairs are a pain in the whatever for whomever is supposed to be watching Emmatha, because you have to follow her, let her climb up the stairs by herself thank-you and then pull her off the stairs and take her down the stairs (which I might mention she does not appreciate in the least, and pretty much will express her indignation).

The older and bigger she gets, this is becoming an increasing problem, because if she gets out of sight, she is pretty much headed for the stairs. And at some point, without supervision, she will be down the stairs on her head. So, today I decided to gate off the stairs. Because I have other things to do than watch Danger Baby get into trouble.

Of course, the first thing is to choose the gate. Since this is at the front door of my house, I didn’t want an ugly gate. I already have one of those on the doorway to the den (this was installed years ago for a previous baby). There is also the problem that I have an iron railing with a curved post, so installation may be an issue.

At any rate, I found one that met my specifications, ordered it from Amazon (because they deliver), and installed it today. In short, it works, although I still have some rigging to make it secure to the iron railing. However, there are those who are not a fan …

Blessings today include: finding, receiving, and installing baby gate; Emmatha time

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