Thursday, June 29, 2017

Sea Day #1

Today was a day a sea, which means doing stuff around the ship. For us, that meant watching “Dr. Strange” in the movie theater, relaxing in the rain forest room, and eating. I also played Bingo, but won nothing. As usual. Sylvia and George’s son Max was working Bingo, but I didn’t speak to him, less I actually did win and my fellow cruisers think I had a secret weapon.

This morning we met our room steward who told us that he was informed by his superior that we had not attended the lifeboat drill. We showed him our photo and told him we would go to guest services and get it straightened out, which we did. We went to guest services and talked to some disinterested dude, told him that we had indeed attended the drill, showed him our photo, and asked if he would fix our permanent cruise record of this infraction. He said he would, which I’m not sure I believed due to his “I’m bored” attitude, but we took him at his word and left.

At some point later in the day, we got a call from guest services, and the poor unfortunate lady said she was calling to inquire about our missing the lifeboat drill. I’m afraid I was not very patient, and told her of all our attempts to make this right. I told her we had already been down to Guest Services, and Bored Dude said he would make the necessary notes, and apparently didn’t. She was very apologetic and said she would fix it. I have a feeling we may be out on a lifeboat soon …

Tonight was the “Captain’s Reception” before dinner, which means you get free drinks (mine was some multi-colored thing, of which I know not the name nor the ingredients). Rather than mingle with all the fancy-dressed folks in the lobby (of which I was not one), I decided to sit on the jogging deck, which has some of the best deck chairs. It was a bit windy, which I’m sure contributed to my lovely hairdo when I decided to head to dinner.

Our remaining two dining companions were at dinner tonight – but you’ll have to wait for their names, since I do not remember them. They are a married couple from the Orlando area. They are probably in their late 60s, with two grown sons and a few grandchildren. George and Sylvia were there and we all had a good time chatting during dinner.

After dinner, we returned to our cabin to await the “Thor” event for adults that was being held in the kids club. Basically, Thor showed up, went through some activity of making us all worthy of wielding a hammer like his, and then posed for photos (we chose not to get in that long line and spend time waiting). Instead, we returned to our room and went to sleep. We’re used to the engine noise now, and promptly fell asleep – the gently rocking certainly helped!

Tomorrow is another sea day – another day to relax!
Blessings today include: beautiful day at sea; shrimp, shrimp, and more shrimp; meeting our other tablemates

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