Saturday, August 30, 2014

Saturday's 10K

Yup, 4am rolled around again this morning.  And again, Molly and I got up, got dressed, and got out the door.  This morning Katie joined us for the 10K - half of this weekend's Dumbo Double Dare (you complete a 10K on Saturday and a half marathon on Sunday and you get a special medal.  And we like medal bling!). Anyhow, we found our corrals and waited for our corral to start. And eventually it did ...

Today's race was a rather treacherous race for some.  Just after our corral crossed the start line, we saw a woman on the ground and several runners around her screaming for medics.  Since we are not medics, we continued on the course (we never heard what happened).  A little later as we were tromping on the streets of Anaheim, a little girl around 10 or so tripped and fell - and promptly got up and kicked my butt by finishing hours before I did.  A little later, some dude was passing Katie and lost his shoe, which Katie narrowly avoided and thus avoiding a fall of her own.  Then, while we were passing the castle at Disneyland, we saw another woman on the ground and people calling for a medic, who happened to be passing by on his medic bicycle.  The three of us managed to finish without mishap and receive our 10K medals (and a stop by the shave ice truck). Molly and Katie decided to head to Disneyland with Nancy for some early-opening fun, while I opted for a shower and a nap.  Molly returned at noon with some lunch and promptly decided it was time for her nap. Unfortunately when she awoke, she felt like she had the Mexican hat dance that I had experienced the night before.  We decided it was best for her to stay near a bathroom and had to cancel our dinner with the girls. After all, we have one more 4am wake up call in the morning ...

Today's race is for Katie.  Who new when we were strangers and table mates on a cruise nearly two years ago, that we'd be spending the weekend at Disneyland together now? Ever since Katie did her first half marathon on a borrowed Princess bib, she drank the Kool-aid and is now a full-fledged Disney runner and has the running costumes to prove it.  She has controlled her speediness and actually walked a few races with me.  And she's also been my corral crime partner a few times, but we'll just leave those stories private. Anyhow, this one's for Katie - may your skirts always sparkle and your threads always be raw!
Today was a gift because:  finishing the 10K; wogging through the parks; shave ice; doing a little laundry; getting a new running skirt; getting to bed early

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