Monday, June 18, 2012

Technically, It's What You Asked For

At some point today, this appeared in my backyard.  Sure, it's for the workers who will hopefully be in my backyard tomorrow to remove the roof, raise the rafters, install the new roof, frame the new walls, install the new windows, etc.  But when I saw it, my first thought was, "Gee, I thought the new bathroom was going upstairs."  Technically, it was what I asked for - it just wasn't what I wanted.

I find that happens often in life.  You ask for the juicy delicious-looking burger you saw advertised on television, only to get some piece of cardboard between two stale pieces of bun.  You ask for the outfit in the window, but when you put it on your body, you look like something that is well past ridiculous.  You ask for a witty blogpost, but instead you get some graphic of a kitten drinking a beer.  In other words, you're sort of sorry you asked in the first place.

So what went wrong?  Were we not specific enough in our asking?  Did we not ask the right people?  Are we just ungrateful wretches who should be grateful for that which we have received?

Nah - we just got a temporary filler on our way to what we really want.  Maybe we needed to hone our vision or buy some time or just have a laugh.  Eventually, with persistence and patience, we will get what we want. 

Especially if we want it to flush.
Today's blessings:  3-Day donations from Kat, Sarah, and Emily; morning time with Everley; afternoon visit from Lindley and Lynnette:  lunch leftovers furnished by Molly; building materials and dumpster delivery in prep for upstairs work; delivery of stuff ordered

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