Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Road Trip!!

I wasn’t sure how early I would get up today, but my internal body alarm woke me before 5am, so I went ahead and got up to leave. I had loaded the big suitcases into the car last night (I volunteered to take Molly’s so she wouldn’t have to bother with it on her flight), so all I needed to do was get the leftovers and head to the car.

When we picked up the rental car, we decided to do the option of pre-purchasing a tank of gas and returning the car empty. The only problem with that is knowing when and how much to fill it up (while I had about ¾ of a tank I was still going to need gas along the way). Molly’s theory was to drive a bit and then fill it up, which I did.

As I neared Nashville, I kept track of the gas gauge. And sure enough, it kept creeping closer and closer to empty. Was I going to make it? Would I need to call AAA for a fill up before turning the car in? Sure enough, I ended up with enough to make it home, unload the car, and turn the car in. It was a good plan – just not sure if I’ll do that next time.All in all, it was a good trip home. And I’m glad to be home!

Blessings today include: safe road trip home; not running out of gas; great driving weather

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