Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Tuesday. Because It Comes After Monday.

Emmatha was recovered enough to return to school today, so I wasn't called in. Also, Maribeth didn't get called into work, so she was on call if needed. So I decided perhaps it was time to get a few things done - did I mention that I'm going out of town tomorrow?

Anyhow, I went over to help Maribeth hang a bulletin board in her laundry room. She was busy assembling a bench for the same room, so we both had our tasks. The idea for the bulletin board was to put a USA map on it so Maribeth and Co could put pins in places where they've traveled. We measured the board and I headed for the Parent/Teacher Store to procure a laminated USA map that would fit. The saleslady and I studied the maps on hand and I left with a map and push pins.

Of course, regardless of our measurements, once I returned to Maribeth's, the map wouldn't fit. And attempting to cut it down would make it look terrible, so I returned to the store with map and pins (because she already had push pins). I got the second map, which included a world map, which technically wasn't needed but it came with the first map, so whatever. Anyhow, once I returned again with the map, it fit and was installed. Maribeth was also finished with her bench, so we moved it into place.

Feeling somewhat accomplished, I headed to Kroger to get food that we needed - Steve had volunteered to cook steaks and we needed a few sides. I returned home, did a few things, made a few sides, and soon Maribeth, Everley, Emmatha, and Mathieu came over for dinner. Once everyone was full, they went home and I cleaned up.

Guess I should pack a bag now ...
Blessings today include: nice saleslady at the map store; helping with projects at MB's; Steve cooking steaks on the grill; Dinner with MB and family

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