Friday, April 21, 2017

Dark Side 5K

Time for a 5K! Katie met us in the lobby (she and Nancy are staying at a nearby hotel) at 5am (yes 5am). We decided to drive to the start rather than take the bus, so we have a quick ride after the race. Once we got to the parking lot at Epcot, we sat for a bit (the race didn't start until 6am) and then headed to the corrals. I was in a corral ahead of Molly, and Katie decided to join her (because they both knew they would catch up to me rather quickly). Anyhow, it wasn't long until the race started and we were off!

The course is the usual 5K course. Of course I was going as slow as molasses, but so were my peeps around me. Molly and Katie eventually caught up to me. They stayed with me for the last part of the race, and we spent the time figuring out how to make the best photos. Which, as you can see, we managed to do. Eventually we made it to the finish line and got our medals, our post-race snack boxes, and another photo or two.

Once we were back in the car, we decided to drive by Chick Fil A to pick up some breakfast. We phoned those non-5K-participants back at their respective hotels and got their orders. Since the phone app wasn't working, we actually had to drive up to the drive through window and vocally make the order. Tough times, I know! Anyhow, we got our order (and a bag of honey for Nancy) and headed back to the hotel. We dropped Katie off, parked the car, and headed to the room. We ate, showered, napped, and then decided to go see another movie.

This movie, "Unforgettable", was basically a Lifetime movie that somehow got a real movie debut. Basically, if you couldn't predict every next move in this movie, then you clearly have not seen enough Lifetime movies and need to go binge watch some. Here's the plot: Katherine Heigl was married to beer dude (who was Mary's husband on Seventh Heaven). They have a young daughter. They got divorced. Beer Dude meets Rosario Dawson and they decide to get married. Heigl is crazy. She decides to sabotage Dawson. Lots of deception and evil acts (which are totes predictable). Heigl is cray-cray because her mom (Cheryl Ladd of old-school Charlie's Angels) is also cray-cray. Final dramatic scene (also totes predictable) clears it all up - until last scene when cray cray makes an appearance. I might have watched on Lifetime, but in the movie theater was a little over the top for me. No thumbs - up or down.

Once we were done, we headed back to the hotel to meet up with Steve who had procured dinner from Giordanos. Time for bed!!
Blessings today include: 5K fun with Molly and Katie; movie watching with Molly; Steve picking up dinner

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