Saturday, April 15, 2017

New Eatin' Place

So, one of my "sixty things" is to eat at 60 new restaurants. I've either been really slow on this, or I've forgotten to log them, because I'm only at five. And the fifth one was yesterday. Clearly I cannot blame my lack of weight loss on eating at new places!

Anyway, yesterday when I dropped off Everley at Lindley's house so they could play at the park, I told them I would be back in an hour (Sam was taking them to the park - I wasn't leaving them on their own). I figured I would go eat dinner somewhere. So what did I decide? Jimmy Johns.

Jimmy Johns is a subway sandwich type place that is probably everywhere. I've seen them from time to time, but never at a time (or with people) where I wanted to eat there. Even though I'm not particularly a huge fan of sub sandwiches, I like the name of this place. Why? Because it's also the name of one of the nicest dudes I know, Jimmy Jon Josey, who is also my cousin and was an usher in my wedding. So even though he's not the Jimmy Jon of Jimmy Johns, every time I go past one of these places, I think of him. So today seemed like the day to sample JJs, and since one just opened near my house, I proceeded with my plan.

Even better, this location offered a drive-thru window. I drove up to the menu, and was immediately stumped by what to order. The person taking the order was willing to let me peruse the menu a bit, and I finally decided on the "Club Lulu" because it just seemed like it would be appropriate - Jimmy Jon and Luanne and Jimmy Johns and Club LuLu. Well, it did to me anyway. Anyhow, the Club LuLu has turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and mayo - all my faves. I got it and the chips and the drink, because one needs to go all the way when trying something new, right?

And what was my verdict? Meh. I guess it was nothing special. It was good, but nothing that compels me to return any time soon. But I'm glad I tried it. Now everytime I go past one, I will still think about Jimmy Jon - I just won't have to wrestle with the notion of stopping in for a bite!!
Blessings today include: taking Everley to join Lindley at her neighborhood Easter Egg hunt; cleaning things around the house; planning tomorrow's lunch with Molly

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