Monday, October 7, 2013

First You Find The Directions, Then Read Them

Last night when I decided I needed a post-travel shower before I passed out in bed, I promptly went into the bathroom and turned on the shower.  The only problem was that no matter how long I ran the shower (and the bathtub and the sink), the water never got even close to warm.  Since I was already properly attired for a shower, I decided to do the best I could with ice cold water and soap.  It was neither fun nor relaxing, but neither did it keep me from my passing out plan.  Of course, I grumbled a bit and fussed at imaginary hotel employees and wondered why my room had this dilemma.  And then I passed out.

Fast forward to today when I noticed a piece of paper on the desk and read it.  It was from the management explaining that due to some work on the pipes and street outside the hotel, there would be no hot water from 9pm last night until 5am this morning.

Of course, had I read this last night, I would have refrained from my energy-saving ice water shower.  But I didn't.  I didn't find the directions so I couldn't read them. 

I've got to remember this excuse for future dilemmas ...
Today was a great day because I:  went on a fun walking tour of NYC; ate lasagna lunch and cannoli dessert with KB in Greenwich Village; ate dinner with Rachel and KB at The Grey Dog; Rachel leading us to the subway then pointing out the door of her subway to KB and me at the subway train that we were supposed to be on that had just left the station; getting off the subway and walking forever to eventually find our way back to our hotel, stopping for cheesecake at Juniors

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