Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Beginning The Magic Book

Okay, so maybe it's not magic.  Maybe it's just one more last-ditch effort to get my stuff together and get healthy.  But for whatever it is, I finally opened it and started logging in my days.

Each day has a quote to get you pumped up.  Today's quote is from one of my favorite women - Beverly Sills.  It's appropriate for the beginning, because beginnings are often met with skepticism and doubt.  Will this time really work?  Will I keep this up?  Will I have any measure of success? What happens if I don't do everything right all the time?

But as Beverly says, disappointment may (and will) probably come.  But nothing comes if you don't try.  Even if it means trying anew every single day, meeting disappointment sometimes along the way, and beginning again the next day.

Today was not perfect, but it was a start.  And all I have to do tomorrow is start again and keep going.  And maybe one day, when this is all in the past, I will see that any disappointments I had really didn't matter because I just kept going.   And finally succeeded.

Today was a great day because:  I actually got 8 slow miles done; Everley time

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