Monday, August 21, 2017

Let's Board The Wonder!!

Maribeth wanted to eat crepes this morning, so we headed back to the crepes place. Today is also the big eclipse day, and KB had brought eclipse glasses for us all. By the time we had finished our crepes, the eclipse had started in Vancouver, so as we walked back to our hotel, we stopped along the way to observe – and we shared our special glasses with strangers along the way.

Once the eclipse was over, we headed back to the room to assemble our things. Our ship had literally come in, and it was soon time to board. It wasn’t long until we set foot onboard (we were literally the first ones on the ship) and we were in our room – The Walt Disney Suite!! It’s really fabulous, to say the least!

We lounged around, took a nap, attended the lifeboat drill, had dinner, and soon went to bed. Let the cruise commence!!

My ship is coming in!!

And she's about to dock - right under my window!!

And our luggage is ready to be loaded - see my fave Mickey tote bag?

Watching the eclipse - well, some of us anyway ...

So long Vancouver - see you in a week!

Remember the bridge I mentioned yesterday? Here's my favorite part!!

And here we are!!
Blessings today include: crepes with the girls; watching the eclipse and the people watching the eclipse; watching the Wonder come into port; boarding the ship and seeing our "spot"; meeting Selina and later, our dining team

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