Saturday, August 5, 2017

Road Trip!!

Nope, not going on this one. Mainly because I have my extended celebration trip starting next week. And even though it's in a car and not on a plane, this trip just didn't seem to fit into my plans. However, I am very happy for Maribeth, Everley, Emmatha, Lynnette, and Lindley to be going.

Basically, this is one part of the "48 State" road trip that I hope to do at some point. However, Maribeth plans to do it a bit differently. While I plan to do it all in one fell swoop with very little stopping and spending time here and there for extended periods, Maribeth's plan is to do it in pieces, driving some of it and flying to/from some of it. This leg involves driving to Memphis, through Arkansas, to Texas where she will drop off Lynnette and Lindley in Fort Worth to spend the week with Grandad and Grandmom Ogle, and then head eventually to Denver. I think.

Anyhow, today after Maribeth finished delivering the mail, they loaded up the rented Suburban (complete with DVD player) and headed out. Their first stop will be in Memphis, where they will tour Graceland. Bon voyage and safe travels!! And yes, I'll be sharing some of the photos they send me!

During the day, while Everley and Lindley went swimming,
Emmatha and Minnie cat spent quality time together

These two are the conductors of the trip. Not sure who's in charge of what ...

And we waved them off. 

The view of the back seat passengers. 
Today's blessings include: Emmatha time; Molly bringing Starbucks and getting Emmatha to sleep; Everley and Lindley swim time; Lindley letting me brush the tangles out of her hair; getting the Suburban loaded and the kids and supplies loaded up; safe travel to Memphis for the group

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