Sunday, August 20, 2017

Vancouver Fun!!

Molly found a crepes place for us to go eat breakfast. While it seemed much closer that it actually was, we all trekked to the place and had a delicious breakfast. We went back to the hotel and decided to try the Vancouver hop-on hop-off bus. We lasted on the bus for a bit (in other words, not the entire tour) before deciding to get off downtown. We shopped around a bit before returning to the hotel, stopping for lunch on the way.

Soon Maribeth was on her way to the hotel. Once she got there, we watched a wedding take place beneath us. Then Maribeth decided to do some sight-seeing on her own. KB and I went back to the mall while Molly and Lynnette took a siesta. Maribeth ate dinner on her own while the rest of us found a spot to eat at. We all reconvened at the hotel and called it a day – tomorrow we board the ship!

Crepes for all!!

Vancouver from the bus (and the park).

My favorite Vancouver bridge - especially when I am cruising underneath it!

So some people seemed to get a little chilly on the tour ...

The wedding happening underneath us!

And the gawkers watching from above!

Apparently in Vancouver, they have free pianos for the playing around town.
Blessings today include: crepes with the crew; shopping in Vancouver; Maribeth's safe arrival; watching the wedding; dinner on the waterfront; riding FlyOver Canada

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