Sunday, August 13, 2017

Calling "Uncle"

Okay, so the time has come and the piper is going to have to be paid. Reality has sunk in and I have to own up to the obvious – I am not going to catch up on all the missing posts in this blog.

I know – I had really planned to get this baby all caught up and neatly tucked away before I started a new chapter (yes, I am going to continue to blog). But the final kicker was when I couldn’t find where I had stored all those photos.

See, on a previous cruise, I had gone through all a slew of photos and labeled and dated them for catch-up blogs, A couple of weeks ago, I decided it was going to be the day for a massive catchup – but I couldn’t find the photos anywhere. I thought I had saved them on my laptop – nope. I thought maybe I had saved them on my home computer or extra drive – nope. Now I think I might have saved them on a zip drive, which is now AWOL (which I am sure will turn up in September). At any rate, there were no photos; therefore, there would be no catchup for those. And when I looked at the massive number of blogposts I am missing, the task was just too daunting to attempt. Especially since the days until the cessation of this blog were quickly diminishing.

And so there you have it. After 10 years of this blog (yes, it’s been that long – I started this incarnation of this blog when I turned 50), I am finishing it up with some big holes. And while I am disappointed that I didn’t complete all those missing days, I am content to let it go.

Because after all, it’s about my life. And there are some holes in my life that won’t get filled in. But it’s a good life and a good blog, and so on it goes. Here’s to holes and life and blogs – may we all keep going, no matter what!
Blessings today include: picking up the Ls at the airport; Steve’s safe trip home in his busted car; seeing Lindley’s new room; seeing Everley’s new hole where a tooth used to be; August birthday brunch with Sharon, KB, and Moo; pre-cruise pedis

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