Tuesday, August 1, 2017

And Now It's August!!

I cannot believe it's already August. Do you realize how fabu I would look, had I kept my idea (let's not say bad words like "resolution") to lose weight and get in shape from January 1? Sigh - so much time, so little done ...

Nevertheless, it is August, and it is a big one. There are many things that are happening this month. There are a few things to consider. Let's just go over the list ...
  • First of all this is my birthday month. And it is a significant one, because this is, like last year (give or take a year in Disney time) at Disneyland (you knew I'd bring Disney into this), my 60th. And while I do not like (a)big deals, or (b) surprises, there are a few things I have planned.
  • Turning 60 means the end of this blog. Afterall, what's the use of "Luanne at 50-whatever" if one is no longer 50? So the question remains, do I just quit the blog thing altogether or continue? And if I continue, do I still with Blogger or go with something else? And if I continue and decide how to continue, what shall I name this new blog?
  • And speaking of blogging, I still have approximately 189 missed blog posts stemming from May of 2016. Do I still try to catch them up (a huge significant amount will be a photo, but at least it will be a post)? Or do I just take my losses and let it go? And if I decided to let any or all of them go, what's the deadline for that?
  • What do I want for my birthday? So far, I want my Pandora jewelry to get cleaned (it looks bad right now, and I don't know why, but Molly is on that mission). I also want a vacuum cleaner that really works (that means it will suck up off the floor all those things I want sucked up) or to get my current vacuum cleaner fixed/revved up. I know - I dream big.
  • Now in terms of my 60 celebration plans, the first will be in two weeks from today, when I shall fly to Toronto and catch a train that leaves at 11pm from Toronto. It will travel across Canada to Vancouver. I will spend 4 days and corresponding nights in a "single sleeper cabin" that has its own toilet but the shower will be down the hall. Here is some dude's video - even I am laughing as I watch it ...
        Amazingly, nobody has taken me up on going with me. Which is just as well, because 
        then I would have to get a double sleeper.
  • Anyhoo, once I get to Vancouver, I will meet up with Molly, who will have flown in the day before (that means on Friday, as I am set to arrive on Saturday). KB and Lynnette are scheduled to arrive (via plane) on Saturday afternoon, and Maribeth is flying in on Sunday. Then on Monday we are boarding the Disney Wonder for a 7-night cruise to Alaska!
  • Once we get back from Alaska, I will fly to Orange County and catch a Super Shuttle to Disneyland (the others will fly back to Nashville). Since I was already scheduled to be in Disneyland that weekend for that half-marathon weekend, I saw no reason to fly to Nashville (cross country) and then back to California (cross country) a couple of days later (cross country flying is not my fave thing to do). 
  • I will spend a few days at Disneyland, waiting for Molly to fly in (she has no issues with flying cross country). One day I have an actual "Hollywood-type" tour where I will see all things Los Angeles and Hollywood. I will do quite well as a country bumpkin tourist.
  • I will participate in the Disneyland Half Marathon weekend - probably only the 5K and 10K. Once all that is done Molly and I shall fly back to Nashville, where I will return a 60 year old person.
So, as you can see, I have stuff to do. Maybe I had better take a nap first ...
Blessings today include: working out on the machines at the Y with KB and Molly; 90 minute massage with Brandi; Maribeth bringing lunch (after she and Molly and Steve ate out); Everley and Emmatha time and hearing about "pony camp"

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