Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Do What Now?

Today at the Y, we decided to do something different. The we in question would be Molly, KB, and me. And the thing we decided to do different is to participate in a sculpt class.

Technically, it was all KB's idea. One day when she was at the Y without us, she "Peeping Tom'med" on this class (it meets at 6am when we are usually doing the stationary bikes). Anyhow, she had observed the class and determined that maybe we could do it without (a) getting kicked out, (b) getting laughed out, and/or (c) getting carried out by an EMT. And so today was the day we decided to go for it.

When we walked in to the room, we noticed there were women of all shapes, sizes, and ages. And one dude. Of course the leader weighed about 10 pounds and had no body fat. Since all the other ladies (and dude) were getting various pieces of equipment, I asked the leader what we should do. She said to get three different sets of weights and basically every other piece of equipment. And there was a lot of equipment.

Once we had all our "stuff", we kinda laid it around our individual mats. Of course we were at the back of the class - my favorite place to be. The leader told everyone to make sure that we could see a mirror wherever we were - to make sure that our form was correct. I was just hoping for a mirror to put under my nose to make sure I was still breathing.

Anyhow, off we went. The class wasn't bad - in fact, it was pretty good. It would have been really good, had I been able to keep up. But there was this big exercise ball that was used and you had to lie on it at times and roll down to your shoulders while holding some dumbbells, and well, that was a lot of instructions and paraphernalia and coordination for me to keep straight. Let's just say I did my best, and so what if everyone was on their twentieth rep by the time I got into position.

We did other stuff with Bosu balls and all those weights and a little ball that you were supposed to hold between your legs somewhere in the vicinity of your knees and a ring that was also supposed to go in the same general location. There was getting up and getting down and a step thingy and a big rod thingy. The good thing is that (a) I had a towel for mopping my sweaty brow, and (b) a bottle of water to replace the bodily fluid that I was sweating, and (c) I didn't pass out.

In the end, I think we all agreed the class was a good idea. I probably coulda/shoulda worked a little harder at things, but there was a lot of mental attention required, and that was exhausting in itself. At least we got through this first time - hopefully we'll make it a regular thing!
Blessings today include: participating in the sculpt class and the nice people who helped us and the nice instructor; going to Sam's to see paint progress; Lindley riding her new scooter

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