Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thursday's Ten Things

1. Almost installed programmable thermostats. But the residual hole upstairs from the old thermostat is larger than the new thermostat, so it created a dilemma that will have to be resolved another day.

2. Watched an episode of "Wife Swap." Where do they get these people and why do they apply to do this?

3. Went to the grocery store and prepared dinner this morning. Hooray for the crock pot!

4. Got a Staples Reward Card. I just got tired of them asking me if I had one every time. Now if I can just remember where I put it for the next computer paper shopping trip.

5. Installed two new smoke detectors. Now the nonexistent occupants of the upstairs will be safe.

6. Put new air filters in. Now I can breathe easier and my electric bill will be lower. Especially if I install those new thermostats.

7. Soaked in the tub. Always a good thing.

8. Found a spot to put the new composter thingy. Gotta read up what to do next.

9. Took the cardboard and plastic to the recycling place.

10. Misplaced the tv remote upstairs, forcing me to watch the beginning of another episode of "Wife Swap." Thankfully, found it (and a hairball from Shaggy) before my brain exploded.

Aren't Thursdays great?

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