Thursday, January 15, 2009

Turning the Quilt

Right now it's cold in Nashville. On our bed we have a quilt. It's designed so that there's extra material at the head so that you can tuck in the pillows. However, the shorter sides tend to create quilt-stealing wars between the bed's occupants, especially when it's this cold.

Today as I was putting clean sheets on the bed, I decided to turn the quilt. This way, the longer part of the quilt is now on the sides, instead of going top to bottom. It looks a little odd because the quilt is very close to the floor on each side. But there won't be any pulling or fussing about stealing the quilt because there's plenty to go around. I had a choice between what looked good and what made sense. I chose what made sense.

Sometimes the best decision may not be what looks best. But it's the right decision because it fits your purpose best. It provides the best benefit and best serves those involved. And in the end, it's the best decision.

It just looks a little odd. Sometimes the best decisions do.


Kat said...

What a pretty quilt! Did someone make it for you?

Luanne said...

Ummm... Pottery Barn.