Saturday, January 10, 2009

Thank God He Cares About My Races

Last night I was really tired, so I didn't prepare for my half-marathon today as I usually do. We had to leave the resort this morning at 4:45 am for the race, in order to be there by 5 am (the race started at 5:50). I was not really prepared this morning, but that was okay because of one of the members of my support team. God, who watches over me always, was in charge of my race prep today. Here is why:

1. I had dressed and put on the new shirt I was planning to wear. I looked in the mirror at the last minute and noticed the price tag sticking out of the neck of the shirt. Certainly not a big thing, but would have been irritating after a few miles.

2. While I was downstairs waiting for Sam and Lynnette, I noticed a lady walk past with her clear gear bag. I happened to look at her bag and noticed her Gu. I remembered that I had left mine up in the room. While I could have maybe done without it, I didn't feel today was a day to determine that, so I quickly ran upstairs, grabbed my Gu, and got back downstairs before Sam and Lynnette appeared.

3. Finally, we were in the car, driving into the parking lot at Epcot. We were talking about a friend of Sam's, George. I remembered a race we were in, along with George, and remembered how he had forgotten his timing chip. I then thought for a minute, looked at my shoe, and realized I had forgotten mine too. I panicked for a moment, then let Sam and Lynnette out, called Marilyn to find, grab, and get downstairs with my chip, and then Steve drove me back to the resort to get my chip, attach it to my shoe, and arrive back at Epcot in plenty of time for the start.

I could also tell you about how God has gotten me through each race I've done. I could tell you about the marathons where we've had some deep conversations about life in general and that particular race in particular. I could tell you about the hymns and prayers that got me through another mile. I could tell you about all these, but these things happen on a regular basis.

Today God knew I needed some extra help and He provided it. But then again, He always does.

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emily g said...

Isn't God just the greatest?