Monday, January 5, 2009

Walking to Walgreens

Apparently I recently encountered something that my body decided to reject. I don't know what the offending item was, but the result has been a red, itchy rash on my neck. The first day I scratched the dickens out of it, which made it irritated and sore. Before leaving town, I purchased some poison-ivy and psoriasis (never had it, so figured it could be it) products to use. Today my neck resembled that of a chicken - all wrinkled up and tight, and flaking like dandruff. I called my resident RN, Marilyn, who suggested some other creams and lotions to try. This was a good idea, except for a few minor details - I'm on Disney property, Walgreen's is not a Disney affiliate, and I don't have a rental car.

Now the prudent person would probably just get a taxi to the store. That person, however, would not be me. I knew where the nearest Walgreen's is, having visited there many times - when I have a rental car. Anyhow, I decided to walk since I probably needed to walk/train for the half-marathon on Saturday. So, I took off from Downtown Disney, traipsed the two miles to the Walgreen's, purchased my stuff, and returned safely back to my room.

I guess it's a start, since that pesky Sam is all about the physical challenge for 2009. I want mine to be finally winning that 68-pound weight loss. Maybe that's why the chicken neck came about!

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