Saturday, January 17, 2009


I am currently at the local McDonald's in Columbus, Mississippi. I have very little power left in my laptop, and of course didn't bring my power cord along. Hopefully I will finish this before my power runs out.

I am again in Mississippi, visiting my father-in-law. I managed to do a few things around his house which made him happy (not that being a busybody makes me happy). Thanks to a busybody guy at McDonald's, I managed to get online and notice/find out why my laptop screen has a blur on it.

Sometimes being encountering a busybody can be an annoyance. But sometimes their intrusions can help, if we can look past our feelings and look at their motives. Sure, they want to intrude. But usually it's because they think they can help. They may seem arrogant, they may seem to know it all, and sometimes both things are true. But sometimes we need to know what they know.

I'll try to remember this the next time I want to butt in. I'll try to consider if I really want to help, or just to share my expertise. If I get the right answer, I'll busybody.

Let's just help those I busybody understand the art of busybody-ing as well as I do!

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