Sunday, January 4, 2009

One of God's Favorite Sounds

Today as my flight for Orlando was taking off, I heard the child in the row behind me. She was laughing and chuckling as we were taking off, obviously delighted. As I heard her laughing, it dawned on me that a child's laughter must be one of God's greatest joys. He must know how innocent and pure a child's laughter is. He must love it because He created the little soul that is expressing such joy. He must enjoy hearing the pure expression of wonder, unencumbered by the worries and details of this earthly life.

Then it dawned on me that God must equally love my laughter. He knows how pure it can be, because He knows the worries and concerns of my life. He must love it because He knows every part of my soul and the heartache that would try to squash the joy and laughter. He must enjoy hearing the true expression of continued delight in an earthly life that has seen so much confusion and chaos. He must love knowing that in that laughing instant, I have once again realized the life that He wants for me.

So knowing how much God loves me, and loves the sound of my laughter, I hope to do it more. I hope to find those joys He has placed in my daily life, and express that joy. I hope to apprciate the blessings I have been given and applaud them through laughter. I hope to practice that sense of wonderment and delight that my little friend expressed so freely. In doing so, I am thanking God for the joys of this life and letting Him know how much I love Him.


Marilyn said...

Renewed annual pass? are you tempting me?

Luanne said...

As Jiminy said, "Always let your conscience be your guide." Mine said, "Do it!"