Thursday, April 14, 2016

Magic Kingdom!!

Lunchtime for everyone!
Today we had fast passes at the Magic Kingdom, so Maribeth, Anne, and I loaded up the girls and headed out. Of course, once we arrived, Everley decided that she didn't want to ride the fast pass rides, so she decided on other activities.

Meanwhile, it got pretty warm pretty quickly, so I decided to take Emmatha to the baby center to change her diaper and sit in the cool air. Eventually Maribeth and entourage joined me (Maribeth needed to pump), so Anne and I took the girls for some lunch. Once that was accomplished, we decided to return to the hotel, since PawPaw was back from golfing and was ready to take Everley to the pool. And if Everley is going to the pool, you know what that means - naptime for the rest of us!
Thankful today for: Molly bringing back Cobb Salad from WWOS; fun times at MK with the girls and ladies; baby center at the MK

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