Monday, April 18, 2016

Fo Realz ...

Okay, let's face it. I'm waaaay behind on this blog. Sure, I could just skip all the days that I am late and get current in a hurry - but I won't. Why? Because ever since I started this blog, I have made a daily post (let's not get all technical about the fact that those "daily posts" might have been a day, a week, okay a month later - the fact of the matter is that it would appear that I posted daily. ALTHOUGH - I have just checked back to my gallbladder-ectomy days, and apparently I was not as anal as I am now. I shall attribute that to my lack of a gallbladder. And if any of you have enough time on your hands to go through every day of every year since this blog began, and wish to compile a list of non-blog-entry days, please do so. You also need a life). ANYHOW - because I have obviously compensated for my non-gall-bladder-ness, and now have become demented committed to daily blogging, we are about to enter one of those "catch up" periods. What does that mean? Lots of baby photos and assorted nonsense. In other words, the usual blog. One day I shall wax poetic about all this that need waxing about. I'm just not there yet. Thank your lucky stars for that.

And so, here is a photo of things to come. Of course, she is probably ready for college now ...

Yes, that's how we roll - one paci in the mouth,
and one in the corner, just in case!!
Thankful today for: good night's sleep in my own bed; Emmatha and Everley time

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