Monday, April 4, 2016

Goodbye Dollywood!!

Although Maribeth and I and the girls had planned to return home tomorrow, we decided to leave later this evening. We figured the girls could sleep some on the way home and then sleep in their own beds tonight (okay, so maybe we were looking forward to that, too). And we wouldn't have to load up all the stuff in the morning. But before we left, we still had a few things to do.

Eventually we finished our plans, loaded up the car, and headed out. We only had to make a couple of feeding/diapering stops, and soon we were back home.  It was a great birthday trip!!

Sisters - Part 2!

We needed to go to The Island for a bit of moonshine shopping.
All these people were probably waiting to eat at Paula Dean's.
It was a beautiful day just to sit and enjoy!!
Thankful today for: beautiful day in Pigeon Forge; riding the trolley and shopping with Everley; eating at the Apple Barn; safe road trip home; McDonald's parking lots along the way

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