Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Gettin' Busy

Maribeth has had some foilage that needed trimming. I attempted to start and use Mathieu's weed wacker, but was unable to get it working. So I decided on another tactic. This tool (which I had to google to get the actual name of "Double Blade Weed Cutter" - fancy, I know) was one that we had back on the farm in the old days. Did I use it then? Of course not. Did I observe other people using it? Why yes, yes I did. I knew the basic principle is to "sling it thisaway and slang it thataway." And so I did. An old, overweight, outtashape granny. I guess the neighbors weren't looking, because 911 never showed up. I did take a few breaks, since I did decide to do this in the shank of the day (and why not? - oh yeah, it was a bit warm and sunny).

Anyhoo, Weeds - 0, LaLa - 1!!
Thankful today for: memories of the old days on the farm; locating weed wacker at Home Depot; success and victory over the weeds

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