Sunday, April 10, 2016

A Full Sunday

Lynnette's car decided to have a meltdown. The AAA dude who came by managed to get the car started, and then proceeded to give Lynnette a list of procedures to get it started again, should the car decided to have another meltdown. I think at the end of the procedure she was supposed to dance an Irish jig, but I sort of faded out after Step #14a ...

Molly and Melissa decided to take Everley to the baseball game. I'm not sure if they actually saw any of the game, since Everley prefers to run around on the grass rather than sit and watch the game ...

Everley and Emmatha came over and I watched as Emmatha seemingly gets bigger by the minute - why do they grow so fast?

Sister thoughts being passed through the head?

Happy Sister thoughts!

Sweet toys from the other LaLa!

Someone is growing up entirely too quickly!

Somebody else went to the Sounds baseball game with Moo and Melissa
Thankful today for: AAA and the dude who got Lynnette's car started; having a spare vehicle so Lynnette isn't stranded; Molly taking Everley to the game; Laura's gifts for the girls

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