Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Grocery Store Shopping

I hear that senior citizens can get help going to the grocery. I think I have a helper that will be ready for action. You just have to follow her instructions, like getting the little cart, and letting her scan the items that she wants (and totally ignore the length of time that may take, and you might as well forget about asking if she needs help scanning anything), and allowing her time to pick up any and all trash she might spy during the excursion (because she is a burgeoning conservationist and insists on picking up all litter she sees - in the store, in the parking lot, wherever). I think we got everything on our list (actually we didn't have one) and maybe a few other items that we've seen on television ...

Thankful today for: my helper at the grocery store; remembering the important things on the grocery list that is on the counter back at home; dinner with Steve and Sam

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