Saturday, June 25, 2016

And We're Off!!!

Today begins our great vacation adventure. I'd tell you all about it, but isn't the suspense of knowing what the heck we're going to be doing much more exciting?? And it certainly will help my blogging topics!!  Anyhoo, on to today ...

This afternoon, Lynnette, Lindley, Everely, and I boarded out Southwest plane to ... (wait for it) ... SEATTLE!!  That's right, we're headed to Seattle!!  As you can see, everyone chose their own seats. And who was the winner?  That's right, Lynnette, who gets to sit with the other two!  Of course, I'm on the aisle seat across from them, but guess who's the first responder? There might have been some discussion on who got the window seat, but by takeoff, all was resolved. The flight was fine, and fairly smooth. In fact, the only time the flight attendants had to sit down was naturally when Everley was in the toilet - and I was monitoring from my aisle seat a few rows up (no, I was not going to form a line at the back obstructing the aisle). Anyhoo, the pilot asked the flight attendants to sit down, and of course, Everley was locked in the toilet. And at some point couldn't get the door unlatched. Thankfully there was a flight attendant seated just by the door who managed to free her. And I think mentioned to her that she was too little to be there by herself.

And I guess I should mention here why Everley is on this trip without her parental units. Well, one is on National Guard deployment in Guantanamo, Cuba (he'll be there until December). The other one is with Everley's 3-month-old baby sister (who is too young to travel on this adventure) back in Nashville. I'll leave you to figure out which is which ...

This is what baggage claim probably looked like when
it first opened. Add a bazillion people with at least
17 checked bags each, and you have an idea of what
we were trying to navigate ...
This was a nonstop flight, and we left a little after lunch, Nashville time. We arrived in Seattle several hours later, Seattle time. Which means it was two hours earlier than Nashville time. Which meant we needed food, as it was meal time somewhere. However, first we had to get our checked bags (of course we had checked bags - we had children with us!). We managed to get off the plane with all children and carry-ons accounted for, make a stop by the ladies restroom, and eventually find baggage claim - otherwise known as chaos central. Basically, the bags come out of the attic and go crashing into the roundy-bouty thingy. Meanwhile, Lynnette and I are trying to keep track of Everley and Lindley and any potential kidnappers and hidden dangers and potential disasters waiting to happen. Did I mention we needed food?

Eventually we got our bags and headed for the taxi people. We found one who spoke enough English to get us to our hotel, where we managed to check in and ask where the nearest food was. Luckily it was down the street. And it was a bar that served food, so all was good. Once fed, it was close enough to bedtime somewhere to return to our rooms and get ready for some sleep. Tomorrow begins the next leg of our adventure!!

Today's blessings include: safe flight to Seattle and helpful flight attendants; getting everyone off the plane and getting our luggage and getting to the hotel; dinner; a good night's sleep

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