Monday, June 27, 2016

All Aboard - Again!!

Yup! Today we're boarding again!  But today we're boarding the Disney Wonder!  For a cruise to Alaska!!  Yippee!!

Finally the whole travel party is here. Moo and PawPaw were already here when Lynnette, Lindley, Everley, and I arrived. Sam and Adam arrived yesterday. So I think we're all ready to get onboard! Well, I guess we'll wait until they say we can get onboard ...

The ship is here and we're here. What's the deal? 
Oh yeah, those other people have to get out of our rooms and off the ship.

Guess we'll have some breakfast first. Doughnuts - what else??

We're on the ship!! And of course it's time for our drink of the day - whatever it is!!

Sail away party time!!  That's Lindley in the pink shirt and yellow whatever around her neck.
No, she's not that tall unless she's on her daddy's shoulders.

And it's time to collect confetti after the party - because that's what we do!

Favorite spot to sail away on the Wonder - the 7th deck secret deck.
Despite their appearances, they really like it.

And finally, one of the things we do best - eat!!
And tomato soup is one of our faves!!

Today's blessings include: finally boarding the ship and getting the appropriate kids club registrations; sail away party; getting this party started!!

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