Monday, May 30, 2016

And Then They Bloomed ...

I have spoken at least twice (here and here) about my troublesome hydrangeas. I had determined that this would be their final year, having not bloomed for years. Last winter I just left them as they were - I didn't trim off the dead parts or fertilize or cajole or anything. I just let them be. So imagine my surprise and delight when this year they have bloomed like crazy, with all shade of blue and purple.

Why this year? Maybe they heard me discuss with our landscaper about how I was going to tear them out if they didn't bloom. Maybe just leaving them alone gave them the space to get themselves together and do their blooming thing this year. Maybe they are a certain variety that blooms whenever the heck they want to, and they wanted to this year.

I don't know - I'm just going to enjoy them. And maybe take a lesson from them. Sometimes you just have to have to be left alone, to have some space, and to get ready to do what you're made to do.
Today's blessings include: beautiful flowering hydrangeas

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