Friday, May 6, 2016

Tinkerbell's 5K

This is probably my favorite 5K, because of the start. The race starts on Main Street of Disneyland, which is The Magic Kingdom to those of you who have never been to Disneyland. Here's how it starts: 

Once Tink is through flitting about, the three corrals are started. We wog around Disneyland, then out and about to the finish in Downtown Disney (again, a whole different concept to you never-been-heres).  Molly stayed with me, and we had a pretty good time, as evidenced by our stellar official photos:

We got our pledals! (That would be plastic medals to the unedjicated).

The things moms have to do ...

A Happy Mother's Day Weekend Photo!!

Because we needed to check on something.
Like the movie schedule.
Or the lunch menu ...

Obviously I am a pushy kind of mom ...
Thankful today for: fun 5K with Molly; watching "Captain America - Civil War"

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