Thursday, May 5, 2016

Disneyland - Day 1

It's always nice to come to Disneyland the night before, because we get to go to bed and then wake up and have a full day to do stuff. Otherwise, we would spend half the day traveling to get here, and then be super tired because of the time zone thing, and by the time we recovered, it would be time to leave. So in other words, today we awoke refreshed and ready to do something. And so here's what we did ...

1. Got our Disneyland tickets. Which originally were 2-day park hoppers, until we realized that for not that much more, we could get season passes, which would also give us big discounts on buying stuff and eating stuff, two of our favorite activities. The cast member who helped us was super friendly, so it was all good.

2. With passes in hand, we went to early opening hour at Disneyland, since we were staying on property (a whole different meaning than it is at Disney World). We immediately went to Starbucks and had a bite of breakfast before going to Space Mountain (that supposedly now has a Star Wars theme) which broke down while Molly was in line.

3. Decided to go to the expo and get our race stuff. Molly was going to sell some Disney running shoes to a girl, who decided she didn't want them, but another girl did, but she hadn't arrived yet, so Molly was having fun playing sell-shoes-roulette. Side note - she did eventually sell them to Girl #2. We got our race stuff and exchanged our 5K shirts for kids small for Everley and Lindley (which they may never wear, but neither would we if we had kept our adult sizes).

4. Went to the movies. We saw the "Mother's Day." It was pretty much what we expected. Nice and cute but nothing to write home about. Unless you're doing a blog. If you've seen Garry Marshall's other "holiday" movies, then just replace some of the characters and you've got the plot for this one.

5. Took a nap. Because we could.

6. Ate at Storyteller's Cafe. Because we never have. And because it is KB's birthday and we wanted to eat special. Of course, we thought it was going to be a buffet, but it wasn't at lunch. And we had two waitresses - we think maybe the first one was covering for the second one, so we're not sure who got the tip. And speaking of tips, I tipped over my iced tea - and it wasn't a Long Island Iced Tea. And so we checked this one off the list.

And that was about it. We ended up going to bed since we have a 5K tomorrow. And sleep is always more important to us than actual training!!
Thankful today for: nice cast member ticket lady; meals and movies with Molly

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