Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Wishful Wednesday

Do you ever wish for that magic lamp and genie that would immediately grant you three wishes? Sometimes I do. But how could I limit myself to three wishes? And what would they be? I've thought a bit about this, and have come up with these three wishes ...

Wish Number 1:  I wish for a slim and healthy body. But wait, I could do that myself. All I need to do is eat right and exercise. And keep at it. Oh well, guess that wish is out.

Wish Number 2:  I wish that I could win the lottery and have loads of money to do fun things and help others. But wait, I would be considered wealthy to millions of people. People who have no idea where they will sleep at night, or when and what their next meals will be, or even how they will be able to exist another day or even hour or even minute. So why would I need more when I have already been blessed by so much? That wasn't a very good wish.

Wish Number 3:  I wish for world peace. Okay, so I'll go the Miss America route. But what does that look like? Would one person's idea of peace overstep another person's idea of peace? Who determines what peace is? So maybe I should just start where I am, and create peace in my own little world. Maybe I can start of loving others regardless my opinion of their lives. Maybe I can start closing my mouth and start thinking with my brain before I make comments about things. Maybe I can strive to listen more and help effectively and make things better. Maybe the truth is really in the song - "Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me." So maybe this one wasn't the wish I thought it would be.

So looking back at the wishes I thought I would make, maybe they weren't so lofty after all. Maybe they're actually wishes that I could get, just by working a little harder myself. So does that make me the real genie?

Just something to ponder ...

Thankful today for: making plans for lunches and vacations and projects

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