Friday, May 20, 2016


Today Molly leaves for Hong Kong for a brief visit as part of her MBA program. While there she and her classmates will be talking with business leaders and visiting their companies. Oh, and of course on her free day she will visit Hong Kong Disney (duh). Her flight is the stuff of my nightmares. Mainly because it's a billion hours long (like maybe 12?). As one who flinches at the thought of any flight, certainly the length of this one is mind-numbing.

Anyhow, I tracked her flight overnight and totally assured myself that indeed, I shall not be visiting Hong Kong Disney anytime soon. Hope her flights had some good movies showing!

They left from Detroit and at this point are over Greenland.
And apparently the top of the world ..

At least they seem close. Or closer. Than they were.
And why am I up at 3:38am?
Because my baby is flying over the top of the world!!

They made it! Guess I'll go to bed now ...
By the way, you get the Amazon ad for freezies ...
Thankful today for: Molly's safe flight and the fact that I'm not on it; technology that lets me see where Molly's flight is/was

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molly said...

Flight was 16 hours, but 12 is probably longer than you can imagine ;)