Monday, May 14, 2012

Bloom Where You Are Planted

A few years ago, we hired a dude to come in and plant some stuff (I think they call it landscaping).  He planted some hydrangeas at the front of the house, since they were "Endless Summer" hydrangeas, I looked forward to pretty flowers all summer.

That first year, I had a few blooms, but didn't expect much since they were new.  But the next year and for the next several years, I began to wonder if I had the "End of Summer" variety, since I was lucky to have even one bloom by the end of the year.  Last year I waited and waited, only to have one puny little flower in early fall.

Yes, I did my research.  I googled and looked up websites and asked the landscape dude.  I tried to figure out why my hydrangeas didn't bloom.  But I could find no resolution to the non-blooming problem. I was about ready to just dig them out and try something else.

Then, the other day I looked out my front window and was greeted by Hydrangea Heaven.  Not only did I see the beginning bud of a flower, but I saw several.  This week the blooms have been popping out all over. I wish I could say I knew why they bloomed this year.  I wish I could say it was something I had figured out and fixed.  But I can't.  For some reason, this year they finally decided to bloom.

I guess the lessons to the hydrangeas are simple - I'll bloom/perform when I'm ready, and not a second sooner, and when I'm ready, I'll knock your socks off.  If you're patient with me, I'll surprise you with what I can do.  I will live up to my name/my purpose, if you will just give me the time to get my act together.  Have faith in me - the me that I should be is in there somewhere.

Wait - I was talking about the hydrangeas, right?
Today's blessings: safe travel back for the Ms and E; safe travel for Steve to FL; getting task completed


Steve said...

You have been full of good surprises since 6/6/76.

Kat said...

Great post, Luanne!

On a completely literal level... I got a beautiful potted hydrangea (with 6 big pink flowers) for Mother's Day and I am planning to plant it in my yard. I promise to be very, very patient with it :-)