Friday, May 25, 2012

In Training

For the cruise, that is.  As any seasoned WDW goer knows, it might behoove you to check periodically for reservations at Le Cellier, the steak place in Canada.  Other than Cindy's Place, it's probably the hardest place to score a meal.  So, imagine my surprise when just a few days ago, I was playing Dining Roulette online with Disney Dining and up popped a reservation for four at Le Cellier for lunch - that is, if I was willing to imagine lunch being at 2:35 pm.  Naturally I nabbed it, not knowing which three other lucky ducks would be dining with me.

Fast forward to today.  At 2:30, we (that would be me, Nephews David and Michael, and Brother John as in relative brother not religious Brother) stepped in the celler and dined.  We trained for the cruise by eating two orders of their delicious breadsticks, shared a bowl of potato soup and an order of macaroni and cheese, and finished out lunch with filets and our choice of side items (french fries, macaroni and cheese, and/or risotto).  By the time we were finished, we needed a scooter to haul our butts back up to the main drag of Epcot.

But we're ready for Remy and Palo and The Enchanted Garden and Animators Palate and Cabanas and Royal Court.  And of course the ice cream place.

Now to figure out where can I rent that scooter aboard ship ....
Today's blessings:  a tediously slow mile and a quick swim at Pop Century; Epcot-ing with the Lewis family; Le Cellier; chatting with Maribeth and pics of Everley; safe travel to Orlando for Sam, Lynnette, Lindley, and Molly

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