Thursday, May 3, 2012

... And A Breast Pump

Well, we made it.  Maribeth, Everley, a hospital-grade breast pump, and I made it to the gates of Disney World and it only took us about 3000 hours. 

Yes, I've become one of those people you see at the park with a newborn.  But, when you're the newborn's mom and you have the option of (a) staying at home by yourself with the aforementioned newborn because your husband/baby daddy is still in Wyoming finishing school and everyone else is going to Disney World, or (b) loading up the baby, the baby stuff, and the breast pump into your mom's car and driving to Disney World, guess what - you start loading the car. 

Actually, the drive wasn't too bad.  We started at 6am after a stop at McDs for sustenance and didn't make the first stop until Chattanooga for a diaper change and a milking session.  Miss E does not appreciate, nor want to sit around in, a poopy diaper, so there were several stops in the day to remedy that situation.  Luckily, Steve's tank of a car has a electrical outlet thingy in it, so the breast super-pump could be plugged in and used.  And, since all that liquid gold could then be put in a bottle and inserted into a fussy mouth, then we didn't have to stop, remove from car seat, and plug in that outlet.  (By the way, if you were driving past us and got a peep show during milking time - you're welcome.  No charge.)

Anyhow, after a few more stops for gas, McDs fries, a stupid Redbox movie, and 367 more poopy diapers, we arrived at our destination - Bay Lake Tower, where we'll be staying until our return trip on Tuesday.  We'll be headed back up I-75 toward Atlanta, in case you're looking for our traveling peep show!

Today's blessings:  safe road trip with Everley and Maribeth; room at BLT; Molly's safe plane trip to Orlando

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Marilyn said...

Hope all have a Magical time!