Monday, May 21, 2012

Cosmic Unanswerable Questions

Today as I loaded yet more junk in boxes to take to the storage unit, I thought to myself, "What if the entire storage unit burned to the ground with my junk in it?"  I was not alarmed at the thought.  My next thought was, "Then why in the blue blazes and I keeping so much of this junk?"

Of course, I knew yet refused to answer my own question.  Which led me to think about other questions that I probably could (and do) ask myself, often knowing the answer yet acting as though there is no answer.  Some of these questions are:

1.   Why, if I know all the rules of dieting and know which ones work for me, am I not busting my rump getting with the (or any) program?

2.   If I know what I want and my voice still works, why do I not say what I want out loud to whomever seems to be in the way of my getting what I want?

3.   If the potato chips are in the kitchen and I know I shouldn't eat them and I don't even really like them, then why do I get a hankering which turns into "I must eat them NOW" kind of thing?

4.   Why do men not get the concept of a clean and sanitary bathroom nor understand how that concept can be achieved?

5.   Why does January seem to turn into May overnight, yet the time between the point you disrobe to put on the paper gown and when your gynecologist appear seem like an eternity?

6.   Does deciding to no longer color your hair an example of laziness, cheapness, or being comfortable with your own body image?

There are probably many other questions that I should be asking myself, but it's probably time I really started answering the questions I have.  I would, but I have other stuff to do.  Like pack boxes and go eat the rest of those wretched chips.

It's a vicious cycle, people!!
Today's blessings:  working out with KB at the park; clearing out more of the upstairs; picking up Lindley from school and reading Curious George books; afternoon rain; pictures and phone chat with Maribeth; clean driveway via Bill Crocs

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