Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Time Next Week ...

I will have ridden this:

In order to board this:

However, in the next several days, I need to lose 25 pounds 
to make up for the 30 I will probably gain due to eating this: 

 I also need to clean my house, because when I return I will no longer 
have my new friends to clean my room twice a day and turn down my bed:

It's going to be a busy week ...

Today's blessings:  Saturday morning shopping; visiting Rambo and Blackie; Pie in the Sky with Sam, Lynnette, Lindley, and Steve; Everley pics sent by her mom; getting stuff boxed up; afternoon rain


Denise in PA said...

Wow - lucky duck! Can't wait to hear all about it - and pictures, please o:)

Marilyn said...

Ok, now I am "jelly jelly"- really!

Girl with a Goal said...

Take me! Take me!!!

Luanne said...

Okay, to my 3 female commenters - there is a 4-day cruise on the Disney Dream starting February 24, 2013, the day of the Princess Half Marathon. I say, wog 13.1 miles then board the ship. I'll meet you at the start line and buy the first round of drinks on the ship!!