Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Once Upon Time There Was A Tree

It was a nice tree.  In 2010, it was supposed to get a "trim" for a backyard wedding.  Instead, it got a butchering.  The wedding went on as planned, although the tree had no chance to offer any shade, as all its leafy branches were cut off by complete idiots who were posing as tree people.

The next year, the tree tried to recover and offered a few green shoots to perhaps suggest that it might come back.  Alas, it was not to be.

This year, the tree gave up.  And so the owners, who were very sorry that they had ever tried to consider trimming the tree in the first place, decided to put the tree out of its misery. And then there was no tree.

And although there was no longer a tree, the memories of the tree will always be there.  Memories of a swing that Opie the dog used to chase and catch.  Memories of grass that wouldn't grown under the tree because the tree was too shady.  And memories of a warm October wedding that was still beautiful under a tree that deserved better.

Good bye tree and thanks for the memories - they were all great!

Today's blessings:  walky-talky with KB at the park; talking to Contractor Scott and Bill; Urban Timber dudes; cruise chatting; picking up Lindley at school

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