Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Tonight was all about Remy, which you should know about if you've traveled on the Disney Dream or Fantasy.  If you haven't, then let's just say it's a surefire way to induce a food coma.  Basically, it's a 5-ish course meal (or more if you add the pre-dinner cocktail and the cheese wagon course and the post-dessert kicker).  I ate buffalo and quail and maybe fish and pork and who knows what else.  But perhaps some photos will explain better:


Besides, I need to keep up my strength, in case I need to point out some people in the water to rescue (yes, that was our ship, and yes, I saw the boat - after the announcement was made over the loudspeaker).
Today's blessings:  another great day on the cruise!


Marilyn said...

WOW! How lucky were those Cubans to be rescued by Diz! Maybe I should have tried that in order to join you! Wonder if they got any of your Remy leftovers?

Luanne said...

Um, what leftovers? By the end of dinner, I was lying on the floor and they were just shoveling it into my mouth!

Denise in PA said...

Well dang, nothing that exciting ever happened on our Disney cruises!