Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Home. Yay!!

Well, we made it home.  It only took eight kagillion hours and we only made six kabillion stops for food, gas, diaper changes, meltdowns, and Redbox movies.  We had great driving weather and shared the road with mostly sane drivers.  The car didn't explode with all its contents now we get to unpack and really realize what we bought.

We were all glad to be home, but I think Everley was the most excited - when we took her out of her car seat at home for the final time, she had not only pooped, but pooped out of her diapers - all the way up to her armpits!  Now that's happy to be home!!
Today's blessings: safe road trip home; Molly coming over to unload the car; Maribeth picking up dinner

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