Saturday, March 8, 2014

Weekend At LaLa's - Day Two

We started the day off with pancakes - mainly because I had the mix and little else in the house.  Everley ate the pancakes - Lindley ate three bags of Mickey Mouse dried apple slices and milk (sounded nutritious to me).  After breakfast (did I mention that they both woke up before 7am - on a Saturday? Clearly their parents are doing a poor job of explaining Saturday to them) we played and watch Jake/Sophia/Disney Jr until Moo came over for a field trip to the mall.  Lindley was a go from the moment we suggested mall.  Everley decided a day at home would be more to her liking.  So Moo and Lindley headed off to the mall and Everley and I stayed home to eat, play, watch tv, and nap (pretty much a usual day for me).

Scenes from the mall - Lindley ordering.  Basically chocolate milk and dessert.  In her haute couture Cracker Barrel outfit.  Which Everley refused to wear - she's an individual ... 

Another look at Lindley's stylin' outfit - shoes courtesy of Aunt Moo and The Disney Store.

Eventually the shopping trip ended, the shoppers returned home, and everyone took a nap.  Soon we were joined by Mathieu and Maribeth, home from work.  I went out to pick up dinner (seriously - you thought this weekend would be the one I decided to start cooking?) and we chowed down.  One by one, the other adults went home, the girls got another bath and clean princess/Jessie nightgowns, and were eventually in bed and asleep - like by 11pm.  What a great night for Daylight Savings Time to start!!
Today was a great day because:  Lindley and Everley time; Molly and Lindley's trip to the mall; Calypso dinner with the gang; eventual sleep time!!

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