Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Snow Day!!

Schools in Nashville were closed for a snow day today - the third in a row.  In my yard (and most everyone's in Nashville) there was no snow.  However, because the Nashville school district covered the entire county, there were treacherous roads out in the county.  And because it is a county-wide district, all schools were closed because of these roads.

Anyhoo, even though Everley's daycare was open, she is having a period of resisting the luxury of clothing.  In other words, she would prefer to remain in whatever clothes she happens to have on, or no clothes at all.  In the case of changing clothes, she remains violently opposed.  This morning Maribeth called requesting a LaLa taxi to daycare, as the morning was not going well.  Everley was expressing her opinion of dressing (NO SHIRT!!!  NO DIAPER!!!  NO PANTS!!!)  I went over and promptly decided she could spend the day with LaLa (although I'm sure the outfit I managed to get her into - legwarmers, the t-shirt she slept in, and socks - might have been acceptable).

Once we arrived at LaLa's house, everything was good again.  We did have a meltdown when a new diaper was required, but she did eventually forgive me.

Let's just hope she doesn't convert me to her new form of attire!
Today was a great day because:  Everley time

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Denise in PA said...

Seriously? Snow in Nasvhille now? I think I'll stay in Philly - LOL!