Monday, March 24, 2014

Everybody Needs A Zero Day Now And Then

Especially if it's on a Monday.  Today it was Lindley's turn.  This morning she told her mom that her belly hurt a little.  That, accompanied by Lindley's not eating her breakfast and the news that my and Maribeth's GI systems were a bit out of whack yesterday, led Lynnette to decide that perhaps today was a day to stay home from school for Lindley.  Lynnette had several clients, so I told her to bring Lindley over and she could stay with me today.

Well, there was no running to the bathroom or reticence from consuming apple crisps, so I'm guess that maybe things were quite as dire as Lindley might have believed.  She seemed to have recovered enough to go back home with her mom this afternoon, in hopes (for some more than others) that tomorrow school will once again be on the agenda.

But at least Lindley got a zero day - and I got a Lindley Day!!
Today was a great day because: spending the day with a not-so-sick Lindley; Everley time; getting my car cleaned; turtle brownies; picking up KB at the airport

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